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  1. The Real Life of a Mom
    05 Oct, 2016
    The Real Life of a Mom
    The ideas you have as a mom when you are younger are what you see from the outside.  Never in my life did I imagine how complicated it is to be a "real" mom.  Starting with the schedules, being a mom of one young child was still pretty simple comparatively speaking.  You have daycare and school and most evenings you have time to make a healthy meal while teaching your own child about life.  Then you become a mom of several kids that are in different stages of school and involved in different
  2. The Ideal Life
    02 Oct, 2016
    The Ideal Life
    The ideal life we all began thinking about as young girls is different for every person.  When I was young I always dreamed I would have a great job, have the perfect wedding, with a great husband and 2 beautiful children that acted like the perfect kids with no issues and acted exactly how I told them to and everyone thought they were the "perfect" kids.  I would live in a big house with nice cars and money worries were not in my mindset. Now, we all know these are dreams of a child and nothing
    30 Sep, 2016
    Hello and welcome to my blog!  This whole blogging thing is new to me but I wanted to find a way to express myself about things that we as women go through on a daily basis and tell you my thoughts on the issues.  Now, I am by no means a professional and there are certainly going to be people that disagree with my thoughts and feelings and that is just fine.  I hope to use this blog as a sort of sounding board for anyone, men or women, to agree or disagree with me and I would love to hear from